Full Remote Learning Update

Posted On Friday September 11, 2020

We are providing you with an important update regarding our TVDSB Full Remote Learning Program. 

Elementary students will begin Full Remote Learning on Wednesday, September 16.  

Secondary students will begin Full Remote Learning on Thursday, September 17.  

As we have communicated over the past few weeks, we have been reorganizing our schools to accommodate the learning model requests from our families. In addition, establishing an online learning environment for all grade levels is a complex and extensive task, involving different departments across the Board. We are also working to deploy student devices that have been requested this week. 

We are committed to providing our students with a high-quality fully remote learning program which requires us to ensure that we have qualified teachers and Early Childhood Educators in place for our classes. We are continuing the process of hiring additional teachers to support the 13,172 students enrolled in our Full Remote Learning Program while balancing the staffing needs of our students who will participate in In-Person learning next week. With a staggered start for both In-person and Full Remote Learning, all students will have an equal number of instructional days.  

Our staff will continue to connect with students in Full Remote Learning to make sure technology needs are in place, answer questions and most importantly, establish a student-teacher relationship. 

If they choose, families may access resources to support independent learning for September 14 to 16: 

·         Learn at Kindergarten to Grade 3 

·         Learn at Home Grade 4 to 6 

·         Learn at Home Grades 7 and 8 

·         Learn at Home Grades 9

We are committed to providing a remote learning program with a positive start for our students. Thank you to our families for your continued support and patience, as we put the necessary resources in place to ensure that our students have a successful learning experience, both online and in person.

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