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    Welcome Back


    We are so excited to welcome all of our Raiders back to school. Cohort A on Monday, September 14th and Cohort B on Thursday, September 17th for your first period classes.

    Please come to school knowing your First Period Class and Room Number. There will be a welcoming committee here to greet you when you arrive. Remember to keep a physical distance and move directly to your classroom. 

    Our Daily Schedule:


    How to read your timetable:

    Timetables will look different! The important parts to know is that "Semester 1-4" represents each quadmester. The first class in each quad is your period one class and the next one is period 2.


    School Supplies

    Attendance Reporting

    If your child is going to be late or absent you may report this to the school by calling, using the App on your smart phone or online.

    Covid screening

    Every day before you come to school, please remember to answer the COVID Screening Questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions, stay home and contact the school.