Guidance Department
Room 128


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          Counsellor Surname Alpha Breakdown

Mrs. R. Cober*                    A - Cg       ext. 61065        Book Appointment online with Mrs. Cober
Mr. C. Sanders                    Ch - G       ext. 61024        Book Appointment online with Mr. Sanders
Mrs. M. Marcotullio           H - L         ext. 61020         Book Appointment online with Mrs. Marcotullio
Mrs. O. Santos                    M - R        ext. 61091         Book Appointment online with Mrs. Santos
Mrs. S. Cejvan                    S - Z          ext. 61037         Book Appointment online with Mrs. Cejvan

        English as a Second Language (E.S.L. / E.L.D.) Counsellor

Ms. T. Delis                          A - Z         ext. 61093          Book Appointment online with Ms. Delis

 For general inquiries, please contact Ms. J Napier, Guidance Secretary, ext. 61079.
*Guidance Department Head - Mrs. R. Cober


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Resource Department (IEP)  
Room 120A

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          Counsellor Surname Alpha Breakdown for IEP students

Mrs. H. Middleton*        C-F                     
Mrs. S. Grau                      A, G-L                    
Mr.  J. Leckie                  B, M-P                                  
Ms. C. Bryant                  Q-Z, Gifted            

            *Resource Department Head - Mrs. H. Middleton 

Student Success
Room 120
Open  8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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            Student Success Alpha Breakdown 

Mr. I. Arneill*                    A-F
Mr. T. Marcotullio            H-M
Mrs. C. Fonseca              N-Z
Mr. G. Harden 

   *Lead Student Success Teacher - Mr. I. Arneill

Beal's After School Help (Room 120) - Offering homework / assignment support, computers & printing, and school supplies.

   REGISTRATION 2019-2020 



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Awards and Scholarships Information

Beal Student Profile

Western National Scholarship - Any students interested in being one of the Beal nominees for the Western National Scholarship needs to complete and submit the Beal Student Profile by Monday, February 10th by 3 pm.


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