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Welcome to H.B. Beal Secondary School, the Experience School, with incredible people offering outstanding programming opportunities!

Beal has developed the reputation of being a leader in so many areas. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of belonging, support, creativity, leadership and academic excellence. This stems from a highly skilled and dedicated staff who are committed to providing unique and meaningful program learning experiences for students.

There is something for everyone at Beal! Whatever pathway of learning you choose, Beal is the place to experience academic and extracurricular success. Our course calendar is rich with unique offerings, and the range of extracurricular teams and clubs accessible to students is vast.

The Beal learning community is strong, and we work hard every day to create a safe, vibrant, innovative and inclusive learning environment for each student. We are excited to share the experience with you!


Todd Woollings


Our Mission

Meeting the needs of a diverse student population to encourage individual potential and the achievement of excellence.

Our School

H. B. Beal Secondary School is a very large composite school in the downtown London area. We are home to almost 2000 students who come to us from all over the Thames Valley District. Students are drawn to Beal because of the diversity of our student population and the wide range of program options. Our course offerings include:  Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in technology, physical education, performing arts, and broadcasting; one of the most comprehensive technology programs in Thames Valley; Native Studies, including the Martin Aboriginal Educational Initiative - we're one of a handful of schools in Canada fortunate enough to have been selected; Bealart, a nationally renowned specialty art program; English as a Second Language; dance, musical theatre, drama - and the list goes on.  We also provide a full range of compulsory subjects, including AP courses.   Outside the classroom, Beal's athletic teams compete in a wide range of sports and we boast about having more than 50 extracurricular clubs and activities.  There's something for everyone at Beal - we think we're the best secondary school in Thames Valley

Our History

In 1911, Herbert Benson Beal recognized the need for a program of technical education that would reflect the emerging needs of society. The London Industrial School opened its doors in 1912 and began offering both day and night programs. Demand was growing rapidly and in 1918, students began moving to a new school building near Dundas and William Streets. After many additions and increased program demands, it was decided to completely renovate Beal so that it could continue to be a leader in the field of education.

After much re-building, the official opening of "The New Beal" took place in June 1999. Beal now offers approximately 225 courses and 18 Cooperative Education courses.

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525 Dundas St.
London ON  
N6B 1W5


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