Conflict and Problem Resolution

We are committed to create an environment which fosters mutual respect for the dignity and wellbeing of all students, staff, parents and volunteers.

At the Thames Valley, we work to ensure concerns are addressed in a respectful and professional manner that is consistent with the Education Act and all other relevant legislation and Board policies.

The Ontario College of Teachers has information about professional standards of teachers, the accreditation of programs that prepare teachers and how complaints and disciplined are handles.

In addition, the Government of Ontario has granted new powers to the Ontario Ombudsman's Office to investigate complaints against school boards. The Office of the Ontario Ombudsman now has the responsibility to oversee school boards and address matters brought to its attention by members of the public. For more information, visit the Ontario Ombudsman website.


Our top priority is the safety and well-being of all students. All students deserve to learn in a place where they feel safe. We want to know about incidents of bullying and other safety concerns so that we can take action and prevent further incidents from happening.

We encourage parents and students to report incidents of bullying or other school safety concerns as soon as it happens. Speak with a teacher or school administration to provide information about the situation. We recognize that bullying affects a student's sense of safety and security, and some people may not feel comfortable reporting bullying or school safety incidents. To help ease this worry, students and parents are welcome to use the Anonymous Report It form to address your concerns.

The information you provide is forwarded to the appropriate school administrator for action. The more information that you provide, the more we are able to get involved. Your name is not required, however, if you do not provide your name we are not able to provide a response or update you on the action taken.


Bullying Information for Parents

Cyber Bullying - Parent/Guardian Guide

Cyber Bullying - Youth Guide

Safe Schools

Our Safe Schools program has a number of resources and information for parents, guardians and students.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Positive mental health includes all students and supports the goal of prevention, inclusion, compassionate support and healthy development. We have developed a Mental Health and Well Being strategy to promote wellbeing and maximize achievement of all our learners.

View the Mental Health and Well-Being webpage to access information and resources for parents and students.









Responsible, contributing and self-disciplined member of the school. 


Beal Raiders want to take pride in their accomplishments and enjoy their personal successes. 

  • Loss of dignity  

  • Poor self-esteem  

  • Possible school failure 




Courtesy, consideration and concern for others, specifically: 

  •  Physical, verbal, sexual or psychological abuse or bullying is unacceptable 

  •  Threats or harassment directed at another is unacceptable 

  •  Swearing at peers/staff or person in authority is unacceptable 

  •  Inappropriate clothing (see Dress Code) 

  •  Personal Electronic Devices, the use of which is harmful to any member of the community 


Beal Raiders want to establish a mutually respectful school environment which creates a positive image of Beal where students and staff feel safe 

  • Counselling of student  

  • Parent communication  

  • Vice Principal intervention 

  •  Suspension  

  •  Report to Police  

  •  Possible Expulsion from school 


Masks must be worn at all times, excluding nutritional breaks, in the school building to protect ourselves and our community 


Abuse or bullying behaviour focused on COVID is unacceptable 


Respect the need to physically distance from staff and students  


Care and respect for school building, 

grounds, equipment, possessions of 

others and our surroundings, specifically: 

  • Vandalism, graffiti or theft relating to school property is unacceptable 

  • Theft or destruction of possessions of others is unacceptable 

  •  Damage to private property in the Beal neighbourhood is unacceptable 

Beal Raiders want to promote a positive atmosphere of trust and safety among students, staff and our Beal neighbours. 

  • Counselling of student  

  • Parent communication  

  • Vice-Principal intervention 

  •  Suspension  

  •  Pay for damages/loss  

  •  Alternate measures  

  •  Report to police  

  •  Possible expulsion from school 


Follow the flow of directional arrows in the building 


There is to be no congregating in hallways or other open areas. Raiders are to use hallways to get to class and move through the building. 


Using other people’s property is not appropriate at this time in order to keep us safe. Please refrain from sharing items. 


Recognize, practice, respect the principles and laws governing the safety of others, specifically: 

  • Being in possession of a weapon is unacceptable 

  • Being in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is unacceptable 

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on school property is unacceptable 

  • Providing others with alcohol or illegal drugs is unacceptable 

  • Smoking on school property is unacceptable 

Beal Raiders respect the need of others to work in an environment of teaching and learning that is safe. 

  • Vice Principal intervention  

  • Report to Police  

  • Suspension  

  • Possible expulsion from school  

  • Possible referral to appropriate counselling programs  

  • Smoking Offences reported to Middlesex-London Health Unit in addition, $250.00 - $5000 fines will be issued 

Always follow the COVID Health and Safety Protocols as outlined by the Board and can be found on the Board website. 


Please refer to: 



Daily and punctual attendance in all assigned 


Beal Raiders realize that regular attendance is crucial for success in school and the world of work. 

  • See Attendance Policy  

  •  Detentions  

  •  Referral to Administration for progressive discipline 



Arriving on time is essential during this time. 

All exterior doors will be locked at specific times to secure the safety of students and staff 


Courtesy, consideration and concern for computers, specifically: 

  • Damaging equipment is unacceptable 

  • Downloading, copying or transmitting copyrighted, threatening, obscene, or offensive material is unacceptable 

  • Entry into other people’s accounts on the network is unacceptable 

Beal Raiders expect to use the school’s Internet access in support of their educational goals and respect the use of computers in realization of these goals. 

  • Denial of computer privileges  

  •  Removal from course  

  •  Suspension  

  •  Legal action 

Raiders are to follow the Health and Safety protocols around computer use. Specifically, hand hygiene and keyboard protection must be used and removed after use. 

PREPARATION FOR CLASS Organized with necessary materials and prepared 

to work responsibly in each assigned class. Pursue 

academic studies with honesty and integrity. 

Plagiarism and cheating are unacceptable 

Beal Raiders know that good work habits develop commitment and sense of responsibility. Beal Raiders take pride in their own accomplishments. 

Applied by teacher:  

  •  Possible reduction of term marks because expectations have not been met  

  •  Vice-Principal intervention  

  • Suspension  

  • Possible loss of credit 


Raiders must bring everything they need to school each day and take all their belongings home when they leave 

Students will not have access to lockers 


 NOTE: The Code of Conduct represents the Beal Community response to the amended Progressive Discipline and Safe School Policy in conjunction with the Safe School Policy and Procedures as outlined by the Thames Valley District School Board. Other infractions as identified under the Education Act may result in similar consequences. 


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