Dress and Attire



As a school, we value diversity and tolerance and actively encourage a safe school environment. At Beal, everyone is encouraged to make responsible decisions about wearing apparel. Clothing should project a positive image and reflect an attitude of respect for oneself and others. Clothing should be clean and appropriate for the learning environment. Clothing that is offensive, which includes or promotes drug use, profanity, sexual references, racism, intolerance, or violence is unacceptable. Items which can be used to identify students who have a gang affiliation must not be worn or visible on school property or at school related activities. The following expectations apply to all students and staff: 


· clothing should not be revealing 

· undergarments should not be visible 

· footwear is required at all times; 

· sunglasses may not be worn in the school 

· items used to identify gang affiliation are not permitted 


Students are encouraged to make responsible decisions about wearing apparel.  The general rule of thumb is business casual. The final decision on appropriateness of clothing rests with the school administration. Students who are deemed to be in contravention of the dress code will be counselled and given the opportunity to change. Students who are unable or unwilling to change will be sent home. Parents will be contacted if the student is under 18 years of age. 



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